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Welcome to the Brandywine Soaring Association. We are a non-profit, member owned and operated soaring club located at New Garden Airfield in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Our goal is to promote the sport of soaring. Whether you're new to flying and want to go for an introductory flight, a power pilots transitioning wanting to try a new challenge or an experienced glider pilot - we've got a place for you at BSA.

We are a 100% volunteer organization. This includes our flight instructors, tow pilots and field managers. 

What is soaring - Soaring is the sport of riding air currents to gain altitude which then is used to glide some distance through still or sinking air, to another source of lift where the process is repeated. In this manner, modern sailplanes (high performance gliders) have soared well over 2,000 km (1,200 miles) in a single day.

Sebastian Solo's on June 12, 2024. Not only does he solo, he takes a second flight that last 70 minutes, earning him both "A" and "B" badges the same day.

Congratulations, Sebastian!

(At left -Video of Sebastians landing after 70 minutes in the air!)


Brian Dolan Private Pilot Glider- Congrats! (Randy Richert and Barry Muhlenberg)

Grob 2024 June at Smyrna

This Aircraft Is on the flight line at Smyrna!

Evgenii July 30 2023
30 July 2023
25 June 2023
Grob Launch

Towing from RW6