New Garden Airport (N57)
Toughkenamon, PA

Duty Schedule

08/18/19 (Sun)

Tow Pilot
Terry Quinn
Field Manager
Richard Cross

08/24/19 (Sat)

Tow Pilot
Daniel ODonnell
Field Manager
Adrian Milne

08/25/19 (Sun)

Tow Pilot
Philip Chidekel
Field Manager
Tim Burn

08/31/19 (Sat)

Tow Pilot
Jack Henderson
Field Manager
Victor Cole


08/18/19 10:30AM (Sun)

Towing: Terry Quinn

Instructors: Thomas Callahan Michael ODonnell

Students: Scott Ensign John Stradling Robert Huxster

Private Ships: Daniel ODonnell

08/19/19 10:30AM (Mon)

Towing: Richard Kellerman

Instructors: Thomas Callahan David Anderson

Students: John Stradling Anita Vasko

Club Ships: Rolland Nakashima

08/20/19 10:30AM (Tue)

Towing: Daniel ODonnell

Instructors: Thomas Callahan Michael ODonnell

Students: John Stradling Juris Milestone daniel birch

Club Ships: Rolland Nakashima

08/21/19 10:30AM (Wed)

Towing: Tom Wilson

Instructors: Thomas Callahan

Students: John Stradling daniel birch

Club Ships: Rolland Nakashima

08/22/19 10:30AM (Thu)

Instructors: Thomas Callahan

Students: Juris Milestone

Club Ships: Rolland Nakashima Frank Grindel


Nothing Scheduled

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Located in beautiful southeastern Pennsylvania, BSA is a non-profit organization focused on providing a safe and cost-effective approach to flight-training and club-flying. Our well-maintained fleet of gliders offers a nice variety for those interested in the art of soaring.


Your membership with Brandywine Soaring Association is a great investment. We invite you to become part of a fun, family-friendly, diverse group of people who all share a love of aviation. Some members fly every weekend, while others fly only a few times a year. We even have a non-resident membership for those who live far away but still want to be part or our great organization.

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Thermal Lift

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Ridge Lift

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Mountain Wave Lift

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Grob 103 Refinish Project

March 28, 2019

A crew removed the sanding booth from Kellerman's hanger - we just have to sweep up the gelcoat and tidy up. The Grob 103 wings will be finished with polyurethane at a paint shop -- the ship should return to service later this Spring. The photo shows the booth - and then the area with the booth removed. (KiloKilo)

Grob 103 - Wings - Final Gelcoat Removal Phase

March 16, 2019

Richard Kellerman, Rolland Nakashima, and Scott Ensign were working on the Grob 103 restoration - all the gelcoat has been removed from the wings - here they are removing the crazed gelcoat from the control surfaces. A second session is planned for tomorrow to hopefully finish this task - then on to painting ! :-)

New Tow Pilot!

September 24, 2018

Congrats, and huge thanks, to Lazlo Vasko for becoming Brandywine Soaring's newest tow pilot!

ASK-21 First Assembly

June 18, 2018

Brandywine Soaring club members jump for joy (well, most jumped) after completing the first assembly of their new ASK-21 two place glider. The team worked slowly and carefully - completing the process in just under two hours. Everyone is looking forward to checkouts and first flights in the beautiful new ship.

ASK-21 Arrives

June 06, 2018

BSA's new ASK-21 arrived at the field today. FAA paperwork and inspections are being completed ... and transition training will begin to allow members to use our beautiful new ship.

ASK21 Shipped!

May 19, 2018

BSA's brand new ASK21 is currently on board the shipping vessel 'Salome' enroute to the US. We're very excited to take delivery of our new toy and even more thankful for all the member donations that made it possible!


Blanik L23

Our primary trainer

Grob 103

Piper Pawnee

Our towplane.

Schweizer 1-26

Single-place glider.


BSA's brand new high performance 2-place cross-country trainer.

Private Ships

Many of our members own their own high-performance gliders.

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